TOP 5 PINS february 2015

This is the first Top 5 Pins of The Month 

This month we’ve added Denmark on the  Digitourist website.
We have listed up some of the most interesting spots that you should definitely not miss while visiting this beautiful  country.

1. Møns Klint

Impressive cliffs with beech trees all covered on the island of
Møn: Møns Klint. You don’t expect this in Denmark.
The cliffs have a total length of 8 km and the highest point is 143m. Through several stairs  you can reach down to the beach
(View on map)

2. Den Blå Planet

Experience the underwater life in Den Blå Planet (the blue planet): one of the largest aquariums of Europe. You walk inside the aquarium through a tunnel . Sharks swimming above you, piranhas swimming under a waterfall, colored fish and other animals swimming among the coral.  You get a complete picture of the underwater life in this aquarium! (View on map)

3. Legoland (Billund Resort)

Legoland, the theme park for the whole family, as large as 25 football fields! You can’t imagine how everything here is made of Lego: complete landscapes, the images of Mount Rushmore (American presidents), houses, trains, boats, the famous spaceships (space crafts) from Star Wars, Indians and pirates. Create your own building with the many boxes of Lego blocks or step into one of the special attractions spread over nine thematic areas:
– Miniland
– Imagination Zone
– Adventureland
– Knights’ Kingdom
– Duplo Land
– Pirate Land
– LEGO City
– Polar Land
(View on map)

4. Vikingeskibsmuseet

This Viking Ship Museum houses five Viking ships that have been sunk in the Middle Ages to protect Roskilde (then capital of Denmark) against attacks from the sea. Visit the exhibitions with precious treasures and the counterfeit cargo and warship, which give an excellent picture of the Viking time on sea and how they  lived. You can also see how a traditional ship is built. (View on map)

5. Den Gamble By

The historic open air museum Den Gamle By (The Old Town) consists of no less than 75 historic buildings, gardens, shops, bakeries, markets and stalls from different times and parts of Denmark. In addition, several collections can be seen such as garments, toys, silverware and other objects from long ago.
Den Gamble By has many characters from different times walking around don’t hesitate to chat with them and ask them all about their lives. (View on map)

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