Are you a real dare-devil and not afraid of a little bit of adrenaline through your body? Lucky you!  Cause this month we have compiled the perfect TOP 5 of extreme sport activities that you can find on Digitourist !

1. Wing Walking (United Kingdom)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh no.. wait it’s you on TOP OF A PLANE! Ever dreamed of being between the clouds , flying above the city? Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Then maybe Wing Walking is exactly what you need! Fly on top of a authentic vintage Boeing Stearman biplane. With a highly experienced pilot who will take you through a pulse-pounding series of thrilling aerobatic manoeuvres, including low-level flypasts and a heart-stopping 500ft dive. And it’s only 20 minutes from central London. (View on map)

2. 007 Bungeejump Center (Switzerland)

If you want to be as tough as James Bond in his movie ‘Goldeneye’, this jump is definitely something for you. He jumped right of the Verzasca dam and you can do this too. So pick up your courage and jump downwards towards the Vogorno lake. (View on map)

3. Zip-Line (Italy)

Are you ready for a breathtaking backdrop, fastened to a cable 100 meters high, sliding speedily towards the valley, with the wind in your hair? San Vigilio gives you the opportunity , with the biggest Zip-Line of Europe! In between an oasis of unspoiled nature, you can experience a unique and unforgettable emotion facing a vertical drop of 400 meters over 3 kilometers long. (View on map)

4. Olympic Bobsleigh  (France)

The Olympic Bobsleigh Track of la Plagne at La Plagne Ski Resort is the place to be for dare devils. Do you want to experience the ultimate sensation of rafting down in a official Olympic Bobsleigh? Try out one of the many sleighs at La Plagne The BOB RAFT & SPEED LUGE, challenge your friends to race in real Bobsleigh at BOB RACING ! Or will you go for the OLYMPIC EXPERIENCE (on request) professionally dressed in uniform together with world champion Bruno Mingeon. You will receive a diploma from the champion himself together with a video of the ride of your dreams To memorize this incredible experience. (View on map)

5.Titlis Cliff Walk, (Switzerland)

It’s cold, it’s scary … and it’s AMAZING!
This is the highest rope bridge of Europe. The Titlis Cliff Walk for those who are not afraid of height, cause this bridge is on a height of 3041 Meters and hangs above the huge cliffs of Switzerland. Don’t look down but enjoy the beautiful view all over Swiss Alps. The 500 Meters long bridge is the latest addition to the attractions at Engelberg, which include spectacular ski and snowboard runs. (View on map)

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