PIN OF THE WEEK: PALAIS IDÉAL, Hauterives (France)

Palais Idéal – Hauterives, France: the extraordinary dream palace of Ferdinand Cheval!

Palais Idéal is not a real palace, but a remarkably eccentric structure. It was single-handedly created in a period of 33 years,  between 1836 and 1924, by a French postman named Ferdinand Cheval.  After the postman tripped over a stone, he got the idea to gather the stones, which he found during his work, and use them to build his own dream palace. In this palace, various styles have been applied: a medieval castle, an Arab mosque and a Hindu temple. There are also several figures displayed such as plants, trees, animals, people of different cultures, Julius Caesar and the goddess Isis. The palace never had a real function. Today it is a popular tourist attraction. Ferdinand Cheval wanted to be buried in his palace, together with his wife, but the local government did not allow that. As a result, he designed his own tomb, which is just as incredible as Palais Idéal, and can be found at the cemetery of Hauterives.

graftombe Ferdinand Cheval
Le Monument Historique Tombe du Facteur Cheval

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