PIN OF THE WEEK: Fortress (vesting) Bourtange (Holland)

Vesting Bourtange, Westerwolde Groningen,  Netherlands

Near the German border , in the beautiful Westerwolde ( South East Groningen ) is the fortress Bourtange.
A unique historic fortification that has no equal . Past and present blend perfectly together in this small , attractive fortified town.

In 1580 , Prince Willem van Oranje commanded to build a fort on a sand bar in the Bourtange moor , on the border with Germany. In 1593 the fortress was erected by order of William Louis of Nassau . Between 1593 and 1851 Bourtange was an important fortress. When the fortress was abolished in 1851 it became farming village.

Only a few buildings still remembered the glory of yesteryear. In the sixties of the last century the municipality Vlagtwedde took the initiative to reconstruct the fortress. The plan was carried out between 1967 and 1992. Ramparts were raised again , canals were dug and soldiers barracks were built. Visitors to the Bourtange now imagine themselves back centuries in time. Meet the fortress that was never taken … Maybe see you in the year 1742 !

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