The making of Harry Potter!

Discover the magical world of Harry Potter on the WARNER BROS Studio Tour LONDONThis March the original Hogwarts Express has arrived at Platform

You’ll be able to:

  • Pose with a luggage trolley on Platform 9 ¾as it disappears through the station’s yellow brick wall and walk along the Hogwarts Express’ adjoining carriage.
  • Get your own Hogwarts Express Ticket.
  • Explore the interior carriage set that was used during filming. (complete with ‘windows’ that demonstrate the process used to create iconic train scenes from the films such as the escape of Harry’s first Chocolate Frog and the Dementor attack).
  • See a selection of prop luggage and find out which character owned which items by turning an interactive dial (characters include Hermione GrangerDraco MalfoyLuna Lovegood and more)
  • Browse a wide range of goodies inspired by the Harry Potter films and, specifically, the Hogwarts Express in a train-themed souvenir shop which will be open on the platform.
Great Hall Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter Set
 The authentic sets get a tour through the Great Hall of the Hogwarts Castle, visit Privet Drive 4 and the Knight Bus.  view the scale models, costumes and props from the Harry Potter movies.

Studio Shop
Let the wand choose you at Mr. Ollivander’s shop you can also purchase an authentic Harry Potter wand of all the HP characters.

Buy magical wizard candy like the delicious solid milk Chocolate frogs but don’t let them escape!  or  are you a dare devil? try out Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans with different Jelly Beans from delicious to disgusting flavors. Besides sweets and wands  you can purchase gold & silver Harry Potter Jewerly replicas who have been used in the movies.

Make your Butter Beer mustace  at the Butterbeer café The famous wizard beverage ( Non-Alcoholic)  is served  cold at The Making Of Harry Potter with a taste similar to cream soda or as frozen slush with a butterscotch-like foam on top .

For more magical things to do  in the U.K.  and the right directions visit  our website.

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