Wondering what lies beneath Berlin ? Berlin underworld allows you to take a peek underneath this impressive city. There are 5 different tours , each with their own piece of history

Location 1: Brunenstraße 105, 13355, Berlin
Tour 1. Dark Worlds –  experience the bombing of World War II through the eyes of the citizens.
At the end of the war 80% of the city center was destroyed. The survivors took shelter in the overcrowded public makeshift bunkers or caves . A guide will take you through dark corridors to these special places.

Tour 2. From Flak Towers to Mountains of Debris  – discover the devastated ruins of a fortress from the Second World War. Hitler had plans to defend Berlin with three massive forts against allied bombers. After the war it was decided to destroy these forts. A guide will take you to the heart of this ruin and show the remains of the three forts.

Tour 3. Subways and Bunkers in the Cold War – prepare for nuclear war with the people of West Berlin.
To help the West Berliners survive a nuclear war subway stations and underground car parks were designed. A guide will take you to an underground subway station , so you will understand some of the realities and horrors of the cold war.

Tour M. Under the Berlin Wall –  hear the stories of people who tunneled to freedom. Some East Germans tried to flee the communist culture underground. They dug their own tunnels or tried to escape through the subway cars or sewers. The government made ​​sure that none of this underground escape attempts would work . A guide will illustrate carefully chosen locations and bring to life the stories of the Berlin underworld.

Location 2: Fichtestraße 6, 10967, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Tour F.
The Fichtebunker Time Capsule –  discover 130 years of history under one roof.This huge circular building , built in 1883-1884 , has been given a new life. After the war the building was used as a prison. A guide will not only tell you about the role of the building and the history of Berlin . He will also show the original bunker technology, including an operational ventilation system and a rare diesel engine that was used for Nazi U-boats.

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