Summer time is finally here!
All  bags are packed are you ready for some weeks of relaxation?
We got some tips you might not want to forget to check before leaving your house.

1. Insurance
Your insurance is one of the most important things.
Close your travel insurance to be covered against damage that you may incur during the holidays.

2. Important Documents
Is your passport still valid? Yes A lot of countries require a passport to visit. In some countries your passport must be valid for 6 months after leaving the country.

3. Medication
 Check if your travel destination requires vaccinations.  Not all medication is available in other countries. If you have special medication review your dosage schedules with your doctor.
Always take a first aid kit on your trip.

4. When you’re Away
Make sure your house is perfectly clean and fresh before leaving town/country. Ask your neighbors or relatives to take care of  pets, plants and the post while you’re away.

Quick Checklist.

  • Flight tickets or Confirmation
  • Business cards
  • Cash/ Credit cards/ Bank card/ Traveller’s cheques
  • Passport/ Visa/ Birth certificate
  • Phone and Skype numbers
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Copy of Vacation Packing List
  • Driver’s license/ International driver’s license
  • Emergency numbers/ Embassy address
  • Pre-paid phone card
  • Cellphone or Smart phone/charger
  • Medical information/ Vaccination documents and copies of prescriptions
  • Vouchers/ Coupons/ Tickets
  • If you’re heading to Europe?
    Download the free Digitourist guide app for iOs and Android
  • Notebook and pen

Now you are ready to  set off!

Register for free at Digitourist and be your own travel guide.
Create a tour with Museums, Points of Interests and fun  amusement parks through one of the many European countries.

logoDigitourist, your fast and easy online travel guide

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