PIN OF THE WEEK: Pyramidenkogel Tower

Pyramidenkogel, Linden, Austria

The Pyramidenkogel Tower is, with it’s height of 100 meters, the world’s highest wooden watch-tower. It’s on top of the 851 metre high mountain “Pyramidenkogel”.
The construction of wood is combinated with steel. It gives an magnificent view over over Carinthia (Austria) and beyond its borders.
The original Pyramidenkogel Tower, with a height of 54 metres, was built in 1968 and made of steel and concrete. It has been replaced in 2013 .

The 1st Pyramidenkogel tower build in 1968
The 1st Pyramidenkogel tower build in 1968

The current tower is designed by the firm Klaura & Kaden. The new tower has an elliptical wooden steel structure. The structural steel wood construction twists like a screw into the sky. With 441 steps to the observation deck, 100 meters to the tip of the antenna and around 300 tonnes of steel in the interior, it is the new landmark at the Wörthersee and currently the tallest wooden tower in the world.

This special attraction is the tallest building in Europe with a depth of almost 52 meters.

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