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Visit St. Peter’s Basilica Vatican,Rome, Italy

Saint Peter’s Basilica, is one of the world’s largest church, it is the center of Christianity. The imposing structure was built over a span of more than one hundred years by the greatest Italian architects of the era.

It has a 211.5 meter long ,  42 meters in diameter and reaching 132.5 meters high.

Just a little part of the St. Peter's Basilica
Just a little part of the St. Peter’s Basilica

Once inside the nave the enormous size of the church becomes apparent. The basilica has a surface area of 15,160 square meters, enough space to accommodate 60,000 visitors. It is covered by a coffered barrel vault ceiling and a huge central dome.

The opulence of the interior bears testimony to the wealth of the Catholic church in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It is decorated with large monuments, many of which were created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, one of the greatest artists of all time.

Watch a short video St. Peter’s Basilica:

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Dont miss out on the unique Le Mont Saint Michel in France.

This remarkable medieval walled city, crowned by its great gothic abbey, is built on a small granite outcrop standing all by itself in the flats of the estuary of the river Couesnon, in an area now knows as Mont Saint Michel Bay. Mont Saint Michel was one of the first monuments to be classed as a UNESCO world heritage site, as far back as 1979.

le mont saint michel
Le Mont Saint Michel

Its unique position of being an island only 600 meters from land made it easy accessible at low tide to the many pilgrims to its abbey. Also this position made it easy defensible. The incoming tides made enemy’s drove off or drowned.

Watch the inside out in this 3 minute movie of the Saint mont Michel at:

Le Mont Saint Michel is in good shape until this day because it remained onconquered during the hundred of years, succesfully defending it against a full attack by the English in 1433

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Blog La Sagrada Familia , Gaudi , Barcelona , Spain

The first stone for La Sagrada Familia was laid in 1882 and the building will be finished in 2026That gives you a good idea how big La Sagrada Familia really is, in fact it is so gigantic that a big part of the Sagrade Familia already is being renovated! La Sagrada Familia. or the holy family church, is Antoni Gaudi’s most ambitious work, it’s a summary of everything that Gaudi’s designed before.


Gaudí’s conception of the Sagrada Familia was based on the traditions of Gothic and Byzantine cathedrals. His intention was to express Christian belief through the architecture and the beauty of the building and communicate the message of the Evangelists. He achieved a symbiosis between form and Christian iconography, with a personal architecture generated via new but thoroughly logical structures, forms and geometries inspired by nature, with light and colour also playing a central role.


Watch a 5 minute movie to see the extraordinary La Sagrada Familia for yourself

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