Theme Park EFTELING opens spectacular ROLLERCOASTER; Baron 1898


Today is the grand opening of the brand new Roller coaster in theme park Efteling in the Netherlands : the Baron 1898.

Go back to the year 1898 and experience a thrilling ride of 130 seconds in a car going less than 18 people simultaneously.

The roller coaster is 501 meters long and goes 90km per hour. The ride begins with a spectacular free fall of 37.5 meters.

Watch the MAKING OFF 

turn on the automatic translation.

The world famous DJ Hardwell has made his own remix of the soundtrack of Baron 1898. The unique remix will not be available as single or heard in the attraction. But will be given away at the opening to a certain amount of visitors of Baron 1898.

Want to visit the most magical place in the Netherlands?
Check out the PIN on our website for the right directions and info about the Efteling.

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