The beautiful Grotte des Demoiselles, France

Located in the heart of the Languedoc region, these limestone caves are host to a wide variety of unique mineral formations and a perfect year-round place for all ages to visit.

This adventure will take you through caverns with stunning
giant stalactites and stalagmites, translucent draperies, calcite flows and folds.


As you descend to the impressive cathedral cavern measuring 120 meters long and 52 meters high, the “Mother-Child” nature-made sculpture and the “organ pipes” will come alive and sparkle thanks to the new lighting system installed this year.

During your visit, their guides offer valuable and captivating information on science, history and geology with funny anecdotes and unforgettable stories.

Audio guides are also available in a number of languages!

After your underground visit, soak up the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, Just the perfect way to contemplate these natural treasures and share your pictures and impressions!

Visit Grotte des Demoiselles on our website.




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