Top 5 Must Do’s for Lake Como, Italy

1.The Villa del Balbianello

The Villa del Balbianello is a villa in the comune of Lenno (province of Como), Italy, overlooking Lake Como. It is located on the tip of a small wooded peninsula on the western shore of the south-west branch of Lake Como, not far from the Isola Comacina and is famous for its elaborate terraced gardens.

Short video Villa del Balbianello:

2.The village Bellagio

Bellagio is kind of the crown jewel around all the towns at Lake Como, it sits on the tip of a peninsula right in the middle of Lake Como.
It is a must walk through, just the culture and the cultural and the relaxing atmosphere in the beautiful narrow stair streets.

Short video Bellagio:

3.The Como cathedral

The Como cathedral is 87 metres long, from 36 to 56 metres wide, and 75 metres high into the top of the cupola. It has a Latin Cross floor plan with a central nave and two side aisles, separated by pillars, and a Renaissance transept, with an imposing cupola over the crossing. The apses and the choir are of the 16th century. The interior has some important tapestries, and others of the 16th and 17th centuries, made in Ferrara, Florence and Antwerp. There are also a number of 16th-century paintings by Bernardino Luini and Gaudenzio Ferrari.

Quick view of the front of The Como cathedral:

4. Villa d’Este

Villa d’este was build in 1568 right on the shore of the Lake Como, It has 25 aqers of gardens. It is so beautiful that celebrities visited this place  like Arnold Schwarzenegger, all the way up to Robert de niro and Eddie Murphy.

Short video Villa d’Este

5.Aero Club Como  

Lake Como is a beautiful area to explore, the breath taking way to do this is to step into a (old) airplane to start your adventure with Aero Club Como!

The seaplanes have been flying over Como for about a century.
Some of the war planes they used to use at that time date back to 1963. Dont worry, it’s safe and the pilots have lots of expierence!

Short video about the flight through the air:

To see more things to in at Lake Como click here

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