The magnifecent Sanssouci Park and Palace, Potsdam in Germany

Spectacular Sanssouci Park, laid out between 1744 and 1756, is considered the most celebrated example of Potsdam Rococo. Reflecting the personal influence of Frederick the Great, the park includes a lovely Baroque flower garden, more than 3,000 fruit trees, and numerous greenhouses. It’s a pleasure strolling around this huge park, especially the straight-as-an-arrow, two-and-a-half-kilometer-long avenue, shielded on each side by trimmed hedges, perfect lawns, and gorgeous gardens.

Potsdam Park Sanssouci
Potsdam Park Sanssouci

A number of park buildings are worth exploring, too, in particular the Picture Gallery with its many works of art; the exquisite Chinese House, an extremely elaborate garden pavilion; and the wonderful Roman Baths complex. The Palace itself, a single-story Rococo building with an elliptical dome in the center and a circular room at each end, is notable for its large oval Marble Hall and sumptuous apartments.

Take a small tour through Sanssouci Park and Palace Potsdam in this video:

Visit Sanssouci Park on our website or see more in this area!

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