The Fast and Easy Travel Guide for all of Europe

Don’t  waste time searching

You want to travel in Europe and start planning your trip? Be sure you use your time wisely and efficient to get the most out of your vacation!


Introduction to Digitourist

The Digitourist website (or app) can be a great help to plan your vacation. Digitourist provides tourist information throughout (almost) whole Europe. We searched endlessly and gathered all the (possibly) worth seeing tourist activities to use in this one simple concept.

2015-09-08 _ Free online travel guide

We cannot make it easier

When visiting the website you can fill in any location in Europe to start exploring the area. When you get redirected to the area you selected, you will see different colored pins on the map. Each color represents a different touristic category (points of interest, museums, zoos, attraction parks, action and walks). You can make any combination of different selections by clicking on the icons on the right side to start searching in the categories you are interested in.

Quick search tool

The right side of the website there is a scrollbar. This scrollbar can be used for a fast orientation on the map. You get an overview of what you can do in the surroundings. The cross arrow you see on the map is the orientation point (center).

Download the app

On vacation you can use the Digitourist app. Just download it from the Apple Store or the Google play store.

Digitourist app
Digitourist app

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