Traveling with Digitourist all over Europe

More features than you might expect!

With Digitourist you can not only see what tourist attractions there are in the immediate surrounding area, you can also keep the information about the attractions that you think are interesting in your own favourites lists. You can put together your own favourites list for each holiday (location). You can then view these favourites lists on your app and computer. In this way you can put together, share and print your own travel guide for every holiday location or even a day out.

2015-08-09 12_05_30-

The app and web site complement one another. The app is an excellent tool for discovering the area surrounding your holiday location. Using the web site you can get your bearings within a larger area or plan, for example, a camping trip passing through a variety of locations.

A few tips for app users

The Digitourist app automatically zooms in to the location you are in. Using the button in the top right-hand corner you are then given a list of the 25 nearest attractions worth seeing from your current location. Tap on the photo and more information appears.

Digitourist app
Digitourist app

If you would like to display the list of the 25 nearest attractions from a different location, then you can do so by:
entering the address in the search bar. You then zoom in on this area. moving the blue navigation compass on the map by swiping to a particular location and holding your finger on this location for 2 seconds.You can then view the list here by pressing the button in the top right-hand corner.

image001Digitourist, your fast and easy travel guide


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