The number one walking route in Europe ”Sentier blanc martel” France

The Gorges du Verdon date back to (250-200 million years ago), when this part of France was under water, causing limestone and coral deposits to form, traces of which can still be seen today.

The Sentier Blanc martel is a beautiful 7 hour walking route that goes through the Gorges du Verdon.

Gorges du Verdon

The most stunning part is the canyon between Castellane and Moustiers Sainte Marie, where the valley can rise up to 700 metres / 2,300 feet high, offering dizzying views downwards and breathtaking vistas across the valley.

Gorges du Verdon

Halfway through there is the ideal spot to relax and eat something at a beach called ”Mescla”.

MesclaBe prepared!

Be prepared

-Make sure you take 2 liters of water for each person in the summer.

-Make sure you take your walking shoes,suncreme, sunglasses with you or a good rain coat depending on the weather!


Important is to take a flash light for walking through  a 110 and 670 meter tunnel you find!

Can all tourists do this walking route

The Blanc Martel is one of the best trails in whole of Europe. 14 km long and it takes 6-7 hours walking steep stairs, dark tunnels, long rivers and beautiful mountains.

People with healthy problems or vulnerable people with physical problems take a risk because there is no emergency exit. Also younger kids or dogs can’t do this route.


Starting point: Point Sublime(at Rougon).

End of route: chalet de la Maline (Near Palud sur Verdon)

Click on this link and find the Sentier Blanc Martel on our website with GPX or more info!

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