Find all the tourist activities in whole Europe with Digitourist.

Digitourist is a new concept that provides more then 25.000 tourist activities across whole Europe. Tourists from out 100 countries visited Digitourist with a average rate of 8 minutes. No hotel or flight bookings, no commercials, only recreational tourist activities so you can really focus planning your holidays fast and easy!

Are you going to travel in Europe somewhere and do you want too know all the great things you can do there? You don’t have to search any further, Digitourist can help you with this.

Tips on use

  • For a start you fill in any location in Europe to start exploring the area
  • Make an selection in the six left categories to search for the tourist activities you love
  • Use the right side to easy quick search for any activity that meets the eye

Your account 


With Digitourist you can not only see what tourist attractions there are in the immediate surrounding area, you can also save the information about the attractions that you are interested in to your own favourites list. You can put together your own favourites list for each holiday (location). You can then view these favourites lists on your app and computer. In this way you can put together, share and print your own travel guide for every holiday location or a day out.

Login and Save the pins you’re going to visit later to favorites and create your own travel guide



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