The Modern Architectural City of Arts and Sciences – Valencia – Spain

The City of Arts and Sciences is an entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex in the city of Valencia, Spain. It is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia.


Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias de Valencia el Umbracle

Things you can do:

  • Explore space and science with a full-day ticket to Valencia’s interactive Principe Felipe Science Museum
  • Touch and feel exhibits to learn scientific facts
  • Watch an eccentric scientist demonstrate the principles of electricity
  • Learn about climate change, biometrics and more
  • See the impressive Hemisferic building, and watch 3D animations
  • Explore the world’s aquatic ecosystems at L’ Oceanogràfic
  • See sea lions, penguins, starfish and more


Enjoy a 3D large format film in the IMAX DOME, including digital projections, animation and entertainment shows. The duration of each film is between 45-50 minutes. See animations as if they were right in front of you with an ovoid Hemisfèric roof that is over 100 meters long and contains the large sphere that constitutes a 3D projection room.



Science Museum Príncipe Felipe

The “City of the Sciences” was the name that the autonomous government gave to the initiative, and plans included a 370 meter high communications tower, which would have been the third highest one in the world at that time; a planetarium; and the museum of science. The total price of the works was estimated to be about 25,000 million pesetas. Among the exhibitions you are invited to touch, feel and think about are the Electricity Theatre. In front of an auditorium, with seating for up to 50 people, your hair will literally stand on end as a slightly eccentric inventor demonstrates the physical principles of electricity


L’ Oceanogràfic

Built on 2 levels, the upper floors of Europe’s largest aquarium features outdoor exhibitions and is surrounded by a magnificent fresh water lake inhabited by pelicans, cormorants and flamingos. On the lower level, you will find representatives of the world’s main marine ecosystems. Go on a journey through the Mediterranean, global wetlands, temperate and tropical seas, the Antarctic, Arctic, oceans of the world, and even the Red Sea. The Dolphinarium alone contains more than 24 million liters of water, reaching a depth of 10.5 meters. Get to know the behavior of more than 45,000 aquatic creatures from 500 different species, including belugas, walrus, jellyfish, sea lions and sharks. And, when you fancy a break, there’s an underwater restaurant!



Also you can visit the open garden for free or take an exhibition into the opera house!

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