The best free and easy to use travel guide in Europe

Digitourist provides tourist activities across many countries in Europe for free.
Our goal is to make recreation activities more accessible in an easy and friendly manner.


Start with filling in your location and selecting the category’s you prefer to narrow down the information to your needs.
The right side-bar consists of the 25 points closest to your center on the map

2016-03-11 _ Free online travel guide

You can scroll through this side-bar to slide through the information on the map. It’s a very easy way to get a quick overview of the things to do in this area!
As a tourist have all the basic information immediately available. In addition, in every pop-up there is a link to the company’s website. So the tourist information is now accessible to everyone, regardless of the country you inhabit or the language you speak. This is the key advantage when compared to the traditional, language dependent search engines.

2015-09-08 _ Free online travel guide

Do you want to save something you like? Just press the ”add to favorite list” button and save it for later use.
In your favorites you can also organize complete vacations or backbacking trips using our simple to use map organizing system.

2016-03-11 _ Free online travel guide

Did you enjoy your stay and are you satisfied with your experience? Make sure you place a review so others can see your opinion about your experience.
This way we can offer more information and a better service to give people honest and direct information to increase the total user experience.

Digitourist app is also available for Android and Ios.


We have a lot of future plans and we will keep expanding in many ways so follow us and stay in touch!


2016-02-26 16_10_17-Agenda





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