Top 5 tourist attractions not to miss while visiting Helsinki – Finland

Ateneum Art Museum

Foto: Hannu Pakarinen VTM/KKA

Ateneum Art Museum houses the largest collections of art in Finland with more than 20,000 works of art from the 1750s to the 1950s.
The changing exhibitions are on display on the ground floor and in the exhibition halls on the second floor. Ateneum also organises various workshops, guided tours and other programme. The Ateneum building was designed by the architect Theodor Höijer and it was completed in 1887. Ateneum Art Museum is part of the Finnish National Gallery.

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress


Suomenlinna is one of the biggest sea fortresses in the world, founded in 1748 and built by Field Marshal Count Augustin Ehrensvärd on islands off the coast of Helsinki. Suomenlinna remains as one of the most popular attractions in Finland and was included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991 as a unique monument to European military architecture. An important part of any visit to Suomenlinna is a good meal or a refreshing break at one of its cafés. The fortress has a selection of restaurants and charming cafés. The Visitor Centre and Suomenlinna Museum, situated in the middle of the fortress, are a base and information point for visitors as well as the starting point for the walking tours. Suomenlinna is explored on foot. In summer there are daily guided tours in English, Finnish, Russian and Swedish, in winter the tours are held on Saturdays and Sundays in English and in Russian.

Linnanmäki Amusement Park


Linnanmäki has entertained families since 1950. The amusement park has an enormous selection of fun rides, from ultra scary to more easy-going. The special wooden rollercoaster is over 50-years-old and remains the most popular ride. Linnanmäki also has many arcade halls with the latest games as well as an outdoor stage presenting entertaining performances. Supporting child welfare workover 60 years.

Helsinki Cathedral


The beautiful and historically significant Helsinki Cathedral is an Evangelic Lutheran church, and for many it is the symbol of Helsinki. The church was designed by architect Carl Ludwig Engel in the 19th century as part of the Empire-style-downtown Helsinki area. The cathedral was completed in 1852.

Temppeliaukio Church


Quarried out of the natural bedrock, Temppeliaukio Church is one of Helsinki’s most popular tourist attractions. The interior walls are created naturally by the rock. The church was designed by architects Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen and opened in 1969. Due to its excellent acoustics the church is a popular venue for concerts.

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 tourist attractions not to miss while visiting Helsinki – Finland

  1. Good picks. But I wonder why the main picture is not from any of the listed sites.

    Helsinki comes alive during summertime and Teurastamo (in the picture) is one the locations where people gather because of the atmosphere and events. Likewise, Restaurant Day is another example of a very cool concept.

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