Top 5 things not to miss when visiting Lisbon – Portugal

Oceanário de Lisboa


Oceanario de Lisboa is one of the finest aquariums in the world. In fact it is the second largest in Europe and is a marvel of conception, and a mandatory visit to every child (and adults also, of course!). It has a huge collection of all different kind of species from all  over the world, In fact this structure was set to recreate the five ocean habitats, the way they reproduce the environmental conditions of each species is almost perfect.
If you haven’t seen anything like it, you are in for a treat. You won’t regret it!

Museu Arqueológico do Carmo


Arqueológico do Carmo was built in the 14th century and at that time it was the biggest church in Lisbon by the hero of Aljubarrota, celebrated in Praça da Figueira, this convent was seriously destroyed by the earthquake of 1755, and it was never totally repaired.
Even if partially destroyed is still worth a visit as its beauty and mysticism didn’t go away. The outside of the church can be seen in Rossio and you can access the church either by foot, Santa Justa’s lift, subway
Now it stands as a reminder that another earthquake is coming, no one knows when, and meanwhile, it is used as the Archaeological Museum. It’s almost impossible to visit Lisbon without seeing it

Padrão dos Descobrimentos


Padrão dos Descobrimentos at a height of 56 meters with width of 20 meters diameter of 46 meters it has a foundation of 20 meters deep. The principal statue is that of Infante Dom Henrique,the Navigator in a symbolic caravelle with ramps on both sides having a total of 32 figures or important names in the history of discoveries of Portugal. Next to the explorers monument in Belem you have a big world map on the sidewalk that shows you the whole world and focuses on the former portugese colonies and you have the years written on the map when Portugal discoverd them. The monument offers a fabulous view from the top. and there is a multimedia tour through the history of Lisbon.

Castelo de São Jorge


Castelo de São Jorge is far from being one of the best castles in Portugal, but its precious story, accessibility, great sights over the city, and the typicity of the surrounding quarters turn it in a mandatory visit.
the 11th-century Castelo de São Jorge is considered one of Lisbon’s most spectacular sights, Towers in all directions provide great panoramas. The strongly fortified citadel dates from medieval period of Portuguese history, and is one of the main tourist sites of Lisbon.
At the eastern end of tram 28 line, it is a natural stop, to discover the city descending to the centre.

Igreja De São Domingos


The Igreja De São Domingos church was damaged by the 1531 Lisbon earthquake and almost completely destroyed in the 1755 earthquake. Rebuilding began quickly but wasn’t completed until 1807. In 1959 the church was devastated once more when a fire broke out in the building. The fire, which killed two firefighters, took more than six hours to extinguish and completely gutted the church, destroying many important paintings and statues. In 1994 the church reopened. The restoration left many signs of the fire in place. It’s not a mind blowing church but sure worth visiting.

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