The top 4 tourist activities not to miss while visiting Ghent – Belgium

1. Cathedral of St. Bavo


The High Gothic cathedral choir dates from the 13th century, while the late Gothic tower and the main nave were built during the 15th and 16th centuries. The light interior of the cathedral is richly decorated with some unique paintings.
The most famous artwork here is The Altar of Ghent, renowned as by far the greatest masterpiece of old Flemish painting. Below the main church, the extensive crypt contains numerous tombs of bishops and a rich treasury.

2. Gravensteen


Gravensteen is one of the strongest moated fortresses in Western Europe. Today, it remains a unique example of the European medieval art of fortification. In the 14th-century, it ceased to have a military function and was used by the counts for administration of the land. In 1800, it came into private ownership and was converted into a cotton mill and flats for the workers. This square was a marketplace but also the site of executions and burnings of the victims of the Inquisition.

3. The Belfry


On the west side of Sint-Baafsplein stands the 91-meter-high belfry, symbol of the city’s independence, where the charters of the privileges of Ghent were kept. The tower was begun about 1300 and by 1338, it was mainly completed.
The present-day spire was restored to its original 14th-century form at the beginning of this century and replaced the wooden bell tower of 1380. It is crowned by a gilded copper dragon, which was first installed in 1377.

4. Museum of Ghent (STAM)


The Museum of Ghent is one of the richest in Belgium and showcases a remarkable collection that traces the heritage and culture of the city in a unique historical setting. The numerous rooms chronologically tell the story of Ghent with exhibits including jewelry, weapons, textiles, books, paintings, religious icons, and ceramics all enhanced by state-of-the-art multimedia displays. The museum’s outstanding centerpoint is the 14th-century refectory with an exceptional brick gable. The interior walls are painted with frescoes, among which is a 10-meter-long painting of the Last Supper.

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