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The top 5 worth mentioning waterfalls in Europe

1. Plitvice waterfall (Croatia) 



It’s  probably no surprise that the Plitvice waterfalls are on the top of our list. They are to be found in a national park in Croatia. In this park, you can admire 90 waterfalls. But that is not the only thing. There are 16 lakes and there are a lot of animals such as bears, wolves and rare insects and birds. The clear blue waters are the cherry on top for a breathtaking complete picture.
Make sure you put this place on your bucket list!

2. Krimmler waterfall (Austria)



Did you know that Austria mostly consists of more than 80 % mountains, It is not even surprising with all the water and mountains that it has a lot of waterfalls. The most impressive one is the Krimmler waterfall,  in 3 steps it goes 380 meters down! The krimmler  is one of the most visited natural tourist attraction in Austria. There are approximately 400,000 visitors each year. The waterfalls would have a healing effect, according to local stories and legends. By a special constructed walking path you can get very close!

3. Rheinfall waterfall (Switzerland)



The Rhine Falls are a fascinating example for Switzerland  most beautiful waterfalls. Usually, waterfalls are all about the height, but the Rheinfall fall is known for its width, it’s the widest waterfall of entire Europe, The waterfall is 150 m (450 ft) wide and 23 m (75 ft) height!
In the winter months, the average water flow is 250 m³/s, while in the summer, the average water flow is 700 m³/s. The highest flow ever measured was 1,250 m³/s in 1965; and the lowest, 95 m³/s in 1921.

4.Triberger waterfall (Germany)



The Triberg Waterfalls are a combination of the symbols of the German Black Forest. With 170 meter they are the highest waterfalls in Germany. There are three different paths that you can walk to enjoy this fairly impressive waterfalls.

5.Ingleton waterfall (England)



Yes, they have waterfalls in England! Here you will find the most stunning waterfalls.
These are devided into nine major fauna associated areas. Through a 8 kilometer long trail you can admire this beautiful narual landscape in the north of England.

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The top 5 tourist activities not to miss while visiting Frankfurt – Germany

1. Senckenberg Natural History Museum

Un Musee a Francfort - 044


In Frankfurt’s Senckenberg Gardens, the Senckenberg Natural History Museum is one of the most modern museums of natural history in Europe, and the second largest of its kind in Germany. Along with its numerous displays relating to our planet’s biodiversity and the evolution of organisms, the museum houses Europe’s biggest exhibition of large dinosaurs

2. The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art



The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most important galleries of contemporary art. Opened in 1991 in a stunning post-modern building in the heart of the city, the museum’s vast collection includes some 5,000 fine examples from more than 450 leading artists spanning the 1960s to the present, including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Francis Bacon.

3. St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral


Interior of St. Bartholomäuas Cathedral - Frankfurt am Main, 31.5.2014
Interior of St. Bartholomäuas Cathedral – Frankfurt am Main, 31.5.2014

Roman Catholic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral was built of red sandstone in Gothic style between the 13th and 15th centuries, and at 95 meters, still manages to stand out in this city of skyscrapers. One of only a handful of churches in Germany to be designated as an Imperial Cathedral, it was here from 1562 to 1792 that the coronation of Emperors took place in the Election Chapel.

4. Zoo Frankfurt

Sigma 120-400mm Zoo FFM Sommer 08


Home to more than 4,500 animals representing at least 450 different species, Zoo Frankfurt covers 32 acres near the city’s old Friedberger Tor. Founded in 1858, it’s Germany’s second oldest zoo and is noted for its many excellent animal houses, including the unique Grzimek House with its displays of Madagascar’s diverse fauna.

5. The Palm Garden



Highlights of the The Palm Garden is to visit the outdoor botanical exhibits laid out according to their geographical location, along with a number of greenhouses containing subtropical and tropical plant species. The gardens also offer recreational facilities such as boating, a children’s playground, and picnic spots. From Palmergarten, the Europaturm – a telecommunications tower also known as the Tower of Europe – is just a short walk away, and worth visiting for its viewing platform and restaurant.

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