The Digitourist Travel Guide For Europe And The Premium Pin

Who are we?

Digitourist provides over 27.000 tourist activities across 28 countries in a simple to understand concept across whole Europe without any language barrier so it can be used international by users all over the world!  Users can plan complete vacations and camping trips with Digitourist! Or maybe just a day off? With a Digitourist account users can create their own routes and travel guides! An easy way to select, organize and save the tourist activities for later use.

The free pin and the premium pin

Digitourist free pin

Every tourist activity on Digitourist has a free pin, this pin costs absolutely nothing!

The next features are standard for the free pin as well the premium pin:

-Star rating       -Adress

-Visitors            -Update information

-Reviews          -Website

Premium pin

Digitourist amsterdam dungeon

This pin is not free, this is because the premium pin is special! What are the features that you will get with the premium pin?

  • Fotoviewer (automatic)
  • 3 to 12 photo’s
  • Add video
  • Add logo
  • Add social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedin, Google +)
  • 1500 chars Summary
  •  Always at the top in the right explore bar
  • Get a different logo than the free pins

Select your level

Also the premium pin can be seen from a complete other level than the free pins who always are located on the same level 5. The higher the level, the more visitors that will see you first!

level 5 (Local)

Digitourist lvl 5

level 3 (National)

Digitourist level 3

Level 1 (International)

Digitourist level 1!

Prices premium account

you will be able to manage the premium yourself so that you can regularly change or adjust your information.

informatie premium pin prices premium

2016-02-26 16_10_17-Agenda

Visit or download the app for Android or Apple.


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