Postojna Caves And Predjama Castle Tour – Slovenia

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is 9km from Postojna and is one of the world’s most dramatic castles. It teaches a clear lesson: if you want to build an impregnable fortification, put it in the gaping mouth of a cavern halfway up a 123m cliff. Its four storeys were built piecemeal over the years from 1202, but most of what you see today is from the 16th century. It looks simply unconquerable.


An audioguide (available in 15 languages) details the site’s highlights and history. The castle holds great features for kids of any age – holes in the ceiling of the entrance tower for pouring boiling oil on intruders, a very dank dungeon, a 16th-century chest full of treasure , and an eyrie-like hiding place at the top called Erazem’s Nook , named for Erazem (Erasmus) Lueger.

Postojna Cave

The jaw-dropping Postojna Cave system, a series of caverns, halls and passages some 24km long and two million years old, was hollowed out by the Pivka River, which enters a subterranean tunnel near the cave’s entrance.


Visitors get to see 5km of the cave on 1½-hour tours; 3.2km of this is covered by a cool electric train. Postojna Cave has a constant temperature of 8°C to 10°C with a humidity of 95%, so a warm jacket and decent shoes are advised.


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