The Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave Experience in Werfen – Austria

To get to the Eisriesenwelt ice cave  you need to go 5 kilometer up against 21% road slopes. You must take the cable car further up for a few mintues before walking another 2o minutes before reaching the cave.30490245You’ll be rewarded with a chance to explore the Eisriesenwelt ice cave, one of Europe’s most impressive cavern networks, which are, in places, up to 1,174 meters deep with more then 700 stair cases.mountain-trail-down-2000x1333Highlights include the Giant Ice Cave with its sub-zero summer temperatures and huge caverns with magnificent frozen waterfalls, and the Mammoth Cave with its huge pipe-shaped galleries formed by an ancient underground river.
largeHeavy shoes and warm clothing are recommended. Even in summer the temperature is usually below freezing. Lamps are handed out at the entrance to the cave, and during the tour additional magnesium lighting highlights the ice sculptures to great effect. The cave itself is a national monument and may only be entered by authorised guides.
2Visitors have to climb 134 metres, which is equivalent to climbing the stairs in a high block of flats. Each individual must decide for himself whether he is physically capable or not. The beauty and breathtaking dimensions of the cave provide plenty of reward for the effort!

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