Top 5 Not To Miss Tourist Activities In Hungary

1. Buda Castle


When you first set eyes on spectacular Buda Castle in Budapest, you’ll appreciate why so many people consider the city the “Paris of the East”.


This spectacular historic landmark – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site – ranks right up there with Versailles in terms of its majestic proportions and wonderful design.

2. Historic Spa Towns


If you’re looking for a vacation that combines some down time with a rich cultural experience, Hungary delivers. There are many historic spa towns and facilities throughout the country offering everything from simple bathing in regenerative waters to longer stays in lovely spa resorts.


Hungary’s reputation for its hot springs and baths dates back more than 2,000 years to the Romans, who highly valued the healing effects of Hungarian thermal waters. Then, in the 16th century, it was the turn of the Turks who built the many Turkish Baths still in use today.

3. Tihany


Tihany is one of the most popular holiday resorts on Lake Balaton. Originally an island, this tiny peninsula – covering just eight square kilometers – boasts some of Hungary’s most extraordinary scenery.


A must-visit landmark in the town itself is the beautiful 17th-century Benedictine Abbey with its spectacular views of the lake and the surrounding area, a particular treat in spring when the region’s almond trees are in bloom, and again in summer when the fields are a sea of deep-blue lavender.

4. The Caves of Lillafüred

Tipp_miskolc_palotaszallo_Photo of Szent István barlang

Lillafüred in the Bükk Mountains is another very popular spa destination in Hungary. It’s also famous for its many spectacular caves, all within an easy walk of the town.


Some of the most interesting to explore are the István Cave with its fantastic stalactite formations famous the world over for the impressions of extinct plant species left in the limestone walls.

5. Eger Castle


Hungary has many delightful historic forts, castles, and palaces, each steeped in history. One of the best known is Eger Castle. once protected the gateway into northern Hungary. Extended in the 16th century, the new design was based on contemporary Italian fortresses, and was again added to after the Turks took over in 1596.


Visitors today can explore the remaining towers high above the town, as well as many ruins, all of them providing a sense of the size and strength of this once great fortress.

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