The difference between a free pin and a premium pin – Digitourist

The free pin

2016-08-22 _ Free online travel guide

Digitourist provides all kinds of different tourist activities across whole Europa, the goal is that tourists or locals can plan their vacation or holiday ahead creating their own travel guide using our simple to use concept with our website or our app for Android or Appple.

Every single pin Digitourist represents is completely free, their are no costs involved for any other party. Users can get a basic idea of the activity that is presented to them and can read/write reviews or click the website button for more information.

Stand out with the premium pin

2016-08-22 _ Free online travel guide

The premium pin has the following extra features:

  • Add your own logo
  • 4-12 photo’s (slide view)
  • Add social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+)
  • Summary (max 1500 chars)
  • Add Video (normal video or youtube embed)
  • Add links (Special offers, Discounts)
  • Be the first on to been seen in the right explore bar

You also you get a Premium pin Logo with a higher visible level on digit maps  2016-08-22 _ Free online travel guide

Select your level

Also the premium pin can be seen from a complete other level than the free pins who always are located on the same level 5. The higher the level, the more visitors that will see you first!

level 5 (Local)

Digitourist lvl 5

level 3 (National)

Digitourist level 3

Level 1 (International)

Digitourist level 1!

Prices premium account

you will be able to manage the premium yourself so that you can change or adjust your information anytime you want.

informatie premium pin prices premium

2016-02-26 16_10_17-Agenda


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