Find all walking routes and much more for free with the Digitourist travel guide for Europe

Digitourist provides all different kind of tourist activities all around Europe but if your looking for a hike to explore your surroundings , your at the right place!
Fill in any location as long it’s in Europe and select the purple category trails to start searching the different walking trails in a certain area.

2016-08-26 _ Free online travel guide

You can save all points of interest by creating an account and save this information in a simple to use mapping layout, we like to call your personal travel guide!
Every walking trail has it’s own gpx, download this gpx so you can walk the already mapped out route!


If you want to go for a walk but don’t know how gpx works, don’t panic! all you need is an app on which you can upload the files and turns your smartphone into a GPS-device. When you go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and search for GPX-viewer or track viewer, you will find many useful apps. Maverick is a free and good working app.  Digitourist makes sure the tourist gets their way!

2015-12-07 _ Free online travel guide

Don’t forget about us!

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