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The 3 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Lisbon

1 Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon


Belém is synonymous with Portugal’s golden Age of Discovery. It’s from the shores of this Lisbon suburb that intrepid navigators set sail in the 15th and 16th centuries on long and perilous voyages to chart unknown waters and map new territories. One such mariner, Vasco da Gama, discovered the sea route to India in 1498 and to honor his achievement, King Manuel I commissioned a monument that became a lasting symbol of the country’s astonishing era of conquest and expansion. Today, the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is one of the country’s most cherished and revered buildings, and a “must see’ on every tourist’s agenda.


The church and monastery embody the spirit of the age, and feature some of the finest examples of Manueline architecture found anywhere in Portugal; the beautifully embellished decoration found on the South Portal is breathtaking.

2. Oceanário de Lisboa, Lisbon


Oceanario de Lisboa is brilliantly conceived to highlight the world’s diverse ocean habitats. This is one of Europe’s best and largest oceanariums, containing a vast array of fish and marine animals. Four separate sea- and landscapes recreate the ecosystems of the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Antarctic oceans. A huge central tank, visible from different levels, teems with shark, ray, and many other finned wonders and denizens of the deep. The transparent plexiglass design is such that smaller tropical species housed in separate aquaria set around the main tank appear to be swimming with their larger cousins.

Lontrano oceanário de Lisboa

Complementing this amazing spectacle are the open-air landscapes where penguins, sea otters, and other cute and cuddly birds and mammals co-exist in carefree harmony.

3. Torre de Belém, Lisbon


One of Portugal’s best-loved historic monuments and a Lisbon icon, the Torre de Belém stands as a symbol of the Age of Discovery and the voyages of exploration undertaken in the 15th and 16th centuries.Completed in 1521 as a fortress to defend the approaches to the River Tagus, the tower is regarded as a masterpiece of military architecture. Designed in the Manueline style by Francisco de Arruda, the façade is a confection of beautifully carved stone, typified by maritime motifs such as twisted rope and the armillary sphere.


An impressive Renaissance loggia heightens the decoration. The tower’s cultural significance is such that UNESCO has listed it as a World Heritage Site.

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Top 3 tourist activities you should never miss while visiting Manchester – England

1.Museum of Science & Industry


Manchester’s rich industrial legacy is explored in this excellent museum set within the enormous grounds of the old Liverpool St Station, the oldest rail terminus in the world. The large collection of steam engines, locomotives, and original factory machinery tell the story of the city from the sewers up, while a host of new technology (flight simulator, 4D cinema) look to the future. Take Metrolink to Castlefield or a Metroshuttle.


It’s an all-ages kind of museum, but the emphasis is on making sure the young ‘uns don’t get bored – they could easily spend a whole day poking about, testing an early electric-shock machine here and trying out a printing press there. You can get up close and personal with fighter jets and get to grips with all kinds of space-age technology.

2.People’s History Museum


The story of Britain’s 200-year march to democracy is told in all its pain and pathos at this superb museum, housed in a refurbished Edwardian pumping station. You clock in on the 1st floor (literally: punch your card in an old mill clock, which managers would infamously fiddle with so as to make employees work longer) and plunge into the heart of Britain’s struggle for basic democratic rights, labour reform, and fair pay.


Amid displays like the desk at which Thomas Paine (1737–1809) wrote Rights of Man (1791), and an array of beautifully made and colourful union banners, are compelling interactive displays, including a screen where you can trace the effects of all the events covered in the museum on five generations of the same family.

3.Manchester Art Gallery

A superb collection of British art and a hefty number of European masters are on display at the city’s top gallery. The older wing has an impressive selection that includes 37 Turner watercolours, as well as the country’s best assemblage of Pre-Raphaelite art.


The Gallery of Craft & Design, in the Athenaeum, houses a permanent collection of pre-17th-century art, with works predominantly from the Dutch and early Renaissance masters. The gallery offers tours, which must be pre-arranged. The 20-minute introductory tour is free; an hour-long tour with a museum curator costs £80.


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Tips and tricks Digitourist 3: find, rate and how to plan your next holiday

The Digitourist app

The Digitourist app has more options than you initially expect. Therefore, a number of useful tips.

Location title_blue
When you open the Digitourist app it automatically zooms in on the location where you are. If you want information about a different location, you have two options.

– Enter the address in the search bar and confirm. Digitourist then zoom in to that location.

– Go on the map to the location and hold your finger for two seconds on the screen until the blue rose appears.

Reviews and ratings title_orange
Clicking on the pin shows the basic information. By using the buttons at the bottom you can add reviews and ratings. Also you can add a point on any of your favorite lists

What to do in the area? title_blue
To see quickly what you can do in the surroundings, you can use the button in the upper right corner. Touch it and Digitourist generates a scroll-list of the 25 nearest attractions. Only one click, so you do not have to open all the individual pins.

With the button pin Add to My Favorites You can save the entire folder at once as a favorite list.

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Tips and tricks Digitourist 2: Create and share your own travel guide with your friends and fellow travelers

In the previous blog, we explained how to create your own personal travel guide and how to look back on the  My Favorites. The page My Favorites offers more convenient options.
Share, Create PDF and Mail title_blue
Of course it is convenient to share the lists you have compiled with others. For that Digitourist has several options.

With the Share function, you can send the whole folder to someone else with a Digitourist account. This person will receive an e-mail stating that you have sent the information. If this email is confirmed, your folder is placed on the favorite pages of the other person.

When the other person does not have an Digitourist account, you can use the functions Create PDF. With  “Create PDF” automatically a PDF of the selected folder is created. You can save the PDF on your computer or on your smartphone. Nice touch. The PDF also contains the buttons of the website and location. Just click on it, and see how it works.


You also can print the PDF. Tip: choose double-sided book format, you will get the PDF in the form of a handy guide. Easy to use on your holiday.

Finally, you can use the button Mail PDF to mail the PDF directly to yourself for later or other persons even if they do not have a Digitourist account!

Add new pin title_orange
On the page “My Favorits” there is also the button “Add new pin.” Are you missing a certain attraction on Digitourist? Then you can use this button to add a new point. If we receive your information, it is first checked and evaluated.

You will receive personally a message from us if we use the information on Digitourist.

The fast and easy travel guide Digitourist tips and tricks

The basics
When you used Digitourist the first time, you sure have opened a pin. The pop-up that you saw displayed basic information. In addition to contact details,  also the coordinates are listed here. Useful if an attraction does not have an address, such as a waterfall. You can enter coordinates into your navigation system.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to add a review,  give a rating, go directly to the website or  use the button “Update information” to pass on information about this attraction to us.


Add to Favorite list title_orange
With Digtourist you can build your own personal travel guide to plan your vacations ahead. You can do this by using the button “Add to a favorite list”. Click this button and you can then create a new folder where you store the information or add information to an existing folder.

My Favorites title_blue
You can look back all the things you saved on “My Favorites” (top right of taskbar). Folders and pins can be opened here by clicking on the name.
Favorite lists on the app title_orange
The favorite lists you have created using the website, you can look back on the app.
Just use the menu button in the top left and select “My favorites”. You’ll see that the favorite lists you have created at home now also are available on the app.When you swipe on a folder to the left you will get some additional options, such as moving and deleting folders.

One of the options is ‘Offline’. When you click on this for the first time, you are given a menu for a paid option; offline saving of favourites lists on your smart phone. To view the lists saved offline you no longer require internet access. This option has been added because abroad internet access is often expensive, difficult to access and/or unstable.

On a temporary basis we have activated a coupon code allowing you to purchase this upgrade for € 2.- (normally € 4.-).
The coupon code is digito123
If you have installed this option, you can save and open your own favourites lists anywhere offline.

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Find all tourist activities in Europe with Digitourist and plan your next vacation ahead creating your own travel guide!

For the future travelers out there! Digitourist helps tourist traveling in Europe for free to find the best tourist activities and spots

Digitourist provides tourist recreation activities across whole Europe for free as goal to provide reliable and accesible information organized in one visual concept for the open public.

By offering information this way, you as a tourist have all the basic information available.
In addition, on every activity there is a link the the company’s website. So the tourist information is now accessible to everyone, regardless of the country you inhabit or the language you speak.

The places of interest are divided into six categories: Point of interests (e.g. Historic heritage, natural scenic like waterfalls or caves, park, gardens & much more), museums, theme parks, zoos & aquarium, Adventure & sports and walking routes with gpx.

2016-08-26 _ Free online travel guide

It’s commercial free and we do not provide information like hotels or flight bookings, only the real tourist activities matter! The website finance is supported by businesses that can upgrade their free pin to a premium pin or the widget which allows you to see tourist activities on every accommodation a website rents out.

Plan your routes ahead with our route planner and save your favorite tourist activities creating your own personal travel guide. An easy way to select, organize and save the tourist activities for later use. With an account, you can also produce a PDF file you can share with your travel companions or for yourself, save the file on your smartphone or tablet, so there is no need to be online to consult our travel guide service.

2016-07-05 _ Free online travel guide

You can also use Digitourist outside your home, download the Digitourist app for IOS or Android!

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