The breathtaking Bled’s gorge walking route is the most beautiful sight of nature in Slovenia

The Tolmin gorges are the lowest and southernmost entry point into the Triglav National Park and Bled’s gorge most important sight of nature!

Tolmin Gorge
Tolmin Gorge
Thermal spring
There is a thermal spring in the short horizontal cave under the Devil’s bridge, with an average temperature of between 18.8 and 20.8 °C (the temperature of the Tolminka River is 5 to 9 °C). The surface water penetrates underground where it is heated by the geothermal energy and then it resurfaces through the crevasses and cracks. There are quite a few such springs in Slovenia, but they are quite rare in the Julian Alps.
Tolmin Gorge
The walking route:

From the parking lot go straight on the road to a hut where you pay the entrance fee. Here you leave the road and descent on a neat path towards the confluence of Tolminka and Zadlaščica streams. Soon you arrive to the turquoise water, cross a small bridge and go to the left. Immediately you march into a narrow darkish gorge of Tolminka, where you are surrounded by 60-meter walls. Walk through the tunnels to the end of the path, where a spring of thermalwater is. Although you cannot see (or ‘feel’) the spring, you are in the midst of a wonderful natural ambience at the bottom of the gorge. Go back the same way to the little bridge and continue on the left bank to the confluence of both streams. Go left here and start following the Zadlaščica stream. This gorge is wild and overgrown by vegetation. The path goes high above the gorges. In some places it takes some caution! In a narrow part of Zadlaščica gorge a giant triangular rock, called ‘Medvedova glava’ (= bear’s head), is stuck and is nicely visible from a neat panoramic point. Vegetation here is extremely lush. Return back the same way to the point where the path splits. Continue to the right and ascend to the asphalt road. A little bit further up along the road there is ‘Dante’s cave’

Devil's Bridge
Devil’s Bridge
The cave was explored by the cavers for a good kilometer, but we can not see more than the entrance without the escort of cavers. Descend on the road and come to the Devil’s Bridge, then go back to the parking lot along the road.
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