The fast and easy travel guide Digitourist tips and tricks

The basics
When you used Digitourist the first time, you sure have opened a pin. The pop-up that you saw displayed basic information. In addition to contact details,  also the coordinates are listed here. Useful if an attraction does not have an address, such as a waterfall. You can enter coordinates into your navigation system.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to add a review,  give a rating, go directly to the website or  use the button “Update information” to pass on information about this attraction to us.


Add to Favorite list title_orange
With Digtourist you can build your own personal travel guide to plan your vacations ahead. You can do this by using the button “Add to a favorite list”. Click this button and you can then create a new folder where you store the information or add information to an existing folder.

My Favorites title_blue
You can look back all the things you saved on “My Favorites” (top right of taskbar). Folders and pins can be opened here by clicking on the name.
Favorite lists on the app title_orange
The favorite lists you have created using the website, you can look back on the app.
Just use the menu button in the top left and select “My favorites”. You’ll see that the favorite lists you have created at home now also are available on the app.When you swipe on a folder to the left you will get some additional options, such as moving and deleting folders.

One of the options is ‘Offline’. When you click on this for the first time, you are given a menu for a paid option; offline saving of favourites lists on your smart phone. To view the lists saved offline you no longer require internet access. This option has been added because abroad internet access is often expensive, difficult to access and/or unstable.

On a temporary basis we have activated a coupon code allowing you to purchase this upgrade for € 2.- (normally € 4.-).
The coupon code is digito123
If you have installed this option, you can save and open your own favourites lists anywhere offline.

2016-02-26 16_10_17-Agenda

Find all tourist activities in Europe with Digitourist and plan your next vacation ahead creating your own travel guide!


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