Tips and tricks Digitourist 2: Create and share your own travel guide with your friends and fellow travelers

In the previous blog, we explained how to create your own personal travel guide and how to look back on the  My Favorites. The page My Favorites offers more convenient options.
Share, Create PDF and Mail title_blue
Of course it is convenient to share the lists you have compiled with others. For that Digitourist has several options.

With the Share function, you can send the whole folder to someone else with a Digitourist account. This person will receive an e-mail stating that you have sent the information. If this email is confirmed, your folder is placed on the favorite pages of the other person.

When the other person does not have an Digitourist account, you can use the functions Create PDF. With  “Create PDF” automatically a PDF of the selected folder is created. You can save the PDF on your computer or on your smartphone. Nice touch. The PDF also contains the buttons of the website and location. Just click on it, and see how it works.


You also can print the PDF. Tip: choose double-sided book format, you will get the PDF in the form of a handy guide. Easy to use on your holiday.

Finally, you can use the button Mail PDF to mail the PDF directly to yourself for later or other persons even if they do not have a Digitourist account!

Add new pin title_orange
On the page “My Favorits” there is also the button “Add new pin.” Are you missing a certain attraction on Digitourist? Then you can use this button to add a new point. If we receive your information, it is first checked and evaluated.

You will receive personally a message from us if we use the information on Digitourist.


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