Tips and tricks Digitourist 3: find, rate and how to plan your next holiday

The Digitourist app

The Digitourist app has more options than you initially expect. Therefore, a number of useful tips.

Location title_blue
When you open the Digitourist app it automatically zooms in on the location where you are. If you want information about a different location, you have two options.

– Enter the address in the search bar and confirm. Digitourist then zoom in to that location.

– Go on the map to the location and hold your finger for two seconds on the screen until the blue rose appears.

Reviews and ratings title_orange
Clicking on the pin shows the basic information. By using the buttons at the bottom you can add reviews and ratings. Also you can add a point on any of your favorite lists

What to do in the area? title_blue
To see quickly what you can do in the surroundings, you can use the button in the upper right corner. Touch it and Digitourist generates a scroll-list of the 25 nearest attractions. Only one click, so you do not have to open all the individual pins.

With the button pin Add to My Favorites You can save the entire folder at once as a favorite list.

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