Top 10 beautiful sights In Italy

1. Cinque Terre


A National Park and Unesco World Heritage site, allegedly the cleanest area of Italy and a mesmerizing jewel in the Ligurian crown – the Cinque Terre (5 lands) escape any description. The five adorable villages precariously nested on the rugged cliffs of the Italian Riviera – Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia, and Riomaggiore – sprawl along the scenic portion of the azure coast between Levanto and La Spezia. Brimming with olive groves, vineyards, hiking trails and tranquil coves, the place oozes romance and relaxating ambiance. A definite must!

2. Valley of the Temples (Valle dei Templi)


The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is an extensive archaeological site containing the well-preserved remains of various Doric temples dating from the 5th century B.C. In accord with a standard criteria for both Greek and Roman temples, all structures face the east so that the statue of a god housed inside would be illuminated by the rising sun. The site being nested on a ridge overlooking the town, the term “valley” is obviously a misnomer, but it quite aptly captures the vastness and grandeur of the place.

3. Colosseum

Colosseum Rome Italy Night

The Colosseum is the greatest remnant of the antiquity, the archetypal amphitheater, an engineering wonder, the epitome of architectural excellence, a standing proof of both the grandeur and the cruelty of the Roman world – the Colosseum has been dubbed myriad ways, but there’s just no way of grasping their meaning until you see the blues of the sky through the perfectly curved arches. Designed to hold 50,000 spectators eager to watch the bloody spectacle, today it annually draws around 5 million willing to verify its world-acclaimed magnificence and never fails to make them catch their breath.

4. Amalfi Coast to Capri Boat Excursion

Scenic view of rocky coastline, Capri island (Italy)

The Amalfi Coast is a holiday paradise, ideally to be stayed in for as long as possible. The range of the Lattari mountains, directly exposed to the sea, forms an indented coastline with multicolored villages growing out of Mediterranean vegetation. Rich in history, culture and folklore, this portion of Italy may take weeks to explore. Yet mission ‘Amalfi Coast in one day’ is also possible if you book a private boat tour with an experience captain who will cruise from one staggering spot to another, serve drinks, and often steer away from the coast deep into the sea until you reach Capri, where, after some ample time to roam the island, you will be able to dive straight off the boat into the sparkling blues of the Mediterranean.

5. Foro Romano


Resting in a valley between the Palatine and the Capitoline hills, Roman Forum is by far one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world. The heart of the empire gives you an incredible feeling as you literally stumble upon it on your hasty walk around Rome. The awe-inspiring panoramic view of the entire complex can be seen from the terraces of Campidoglio, but standing down there among the imposing ruins and imagining the place busy with Roman daily routines is a thrilling trip in time as well as an enlightening moment of consciously placing yourself in the world’s history.

6. Grotta Azzurra


The emblem of Capri and an unbelievable experience even if judged on a world scale, the Grotta Azura hasn’t been named so without a good reason. As the sun sneaks in through the small opening, a neon blue reflection illuminates the cavern and a silvery light emanates from any object immersed in its waters. The vault has an average height of 7 meters rising to 14 towards the back of the 60-meter long cavity known already by the Romans. Just imagine yourself watching this spectacle of light and water from a maximum 3-person rowing boat gently rocking inside.

7. La Torre di Pisa


It’s not an optical illusion, nor have the architects imagined it so crooked. No sooner had the tower reached the the third storey than the construction started sinking into the ground due to a poorly laif foundation and the leaning first became obvious. The works ceased, and it wasn’t until after 90 years that the campanile was completed. Today the Torre de Pisa keeps sinking at the regular rate of about 1mm a year, and even the weightiest of minds are not able to say with certainty what the future will bring for this Italian curiosity and an undisputable masterpiece of architecture.

8. Fontana di Trevi


In the maze of narrow, meandering streets, Rome hides a sparkling jewel held to be a triumphant example of Baroque finesse and the natural artistry of water- one of the world’s most stunning fountains and a work of art in one. Fontana di Trevi is not just a cold piece of marble. The play of light, shade and wind makes it move in a mesmerizing rhythm that the hypnotized public yields to subconsciously, and even if a tight agenda draws them away for a while, they go to all lengths to see the astounding spring once again. Legend has it you will return to Rome if you throw a coin into the water, tossing it over your shoulder with your back to the fountain, but frankly, given sights as this, no lucky charms are necessary to make you come back highly likely.

9. Grotte di Frasassi


Even Italy gets a rainy day from time to time, and if your beach plans do fall through by any chance, plunge into the Frasassi Gorge for a journey to the center of the Earth. A 75-minute route through one of the most spectacular Karst complexes in the world, fitted with comfortable walkways and theatrical lighting, is a remarkable experience of natural creation featuring multi shaped stalagmites and stalactites, a thrilling chill, and single drops of water cutting through universal silence. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

10. Ponte di Rialto


The famous Venetian waterway meanders more than 3,5 km through all six districts of the historic center, revealing gems of architecture strung along both its banks between Ferrovia and the ultimate station at Piazza San Marco). The impressive facades of Renaissance palaces rub shoulders with richly embroidered Gothic arches, extensive frescoes adorn historic tenements, and marble mixes with gold. Numerous landmarks, such as Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute and the Rialto Bridge, never cease to provoke admirable sighs on the way.

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