Intro To Barcelona’s Most Famous Building – Sagrada Familia

History of the Sagrada Familia

If you were around Barcelona during the spring of 1882, a short walk outside of the city center would’ve placed you amid cows, fields and the birth of arguably the world’s most famous church: La Sagrada Familia.

The project changed hands from Villar to Antoní Gaudi just one year later, and with the transition the future of the building also changed…for the better, we’ve concluded.During that spring, the first stones found their place according to the designs of Barcelona architect Francisco de Paula del Villar.


Barcelona knew Gaudí well. His quirky yet thoroughly Catalán style scored him both a bevy of awards and the respect of his colleagues. For a few decades, he split his time between the Sagrada and various private contracts. Eventually, he devoted nearly every minute of his day to the cathedral project. He died in 1926, his work unfinished. Local officials are predicting the church will be completed in 2026. Time will tell whether the predictions are correct. One this is for sure, though. The finished product will be, undeniably, the peak of the Catalán spirit of creativity and beauty.

Visit the Sagrada Familia

Although The Sagrada Familia is far from complete, it is definitely worth the visit. The church is extremely rich in ornamentation and symbolism, and has vaults that reach 230 feet. You can even visit the crypt where Gaudi is buried. A museum tells the story of this great architect and church history. To get to the top of the towers, visitors must take the elevator. The access to the tower is not included in the entrance ticket. It will cost additionally €4. From the top of the tower, you will have one of the most beautiful views over Barcelona


It’s better to visit The Sagrada Familia in the early morning or late afternoon when the reflections of the sun magnify the structure of the cathedral. Moreover, a good suggestion is to buy your tickets online, to avoid long hours in line. For a more exhilarating and detail packed experience of the church, there is also a skip-the-line guided tour available, if you are very keen!

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