Alistrati cave: Explore one of the largest and most beautiful cave in Greece

Alistrati cave is considered to be one of the largest and most beautiful ones in Greece and in Europe and is the only cave operating in Macedonia. The cave was known to the locals for many years, but Hellenic Speleological Society was informed about its existence only in 1975 after Alistrati community sent relevant documents. It was only then that started its organized exploration. It’s explored surface reaches 25.000 square meters and its stalagmites and stalactites are of unique beauty. The cave is of great touristic interest and gathers approximately 120.000 visitors annually.

Exploring caves in Greece is a unique adventure that offers explorers the opportunity to acquire and to enrich their knowledge with the essentials of geology, paleontology, anthropology, hydrology, topography, physics, biology and archeology. Greek caves are among the most beautiful in the world. Visitors are enthralled with the splendors of the geological formations, the subterranean waters, the colors that are out of this world and the sounds of the earth.


Many Greek caves have been explored and quite a few of these have been exploited and are now open to the public. There are still many caves that have not been fully explored, nor exploited. Tours of these caves are carried out but only under certain conditions, and of course with the necessary license.


In addition, the aspiring explorer of a non-exploited cave must realize that sightseeing in a cave is not an endeavor for just anyone, as special knowledge and nimbleness are required, as well as being in good physical condition. Special tools, clothing, gloves and light sources are needed, while at least three people must be in the group that enters the cave. Aspiring explorers must also be aware that caves constitute unique treasures of the land, as well as man’s civilization in quite a few instances. Therefore all visitors must respect the environment and not leave behind any litter or other traces of their presence.


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