Top 5 activities not to miss while visiting Budapest!

The Budapest you’ll see today is the result of many years of rich history, with traces of inhabitation dating back as far as the second millennium BC. Hungarian tribes arrived at the end of the ninth century and the Hungarian Kingdom was established in 1000. The city as we know it today was formed through the joining of Buda, Pest and Old Buda, back in 1873. Follow the Budapest History time line below to see the many events leading up to the city’s formation.

1.Discover historic Castle Hill

Budapest’s Castle District is packed with historic sights and attractions (the Royal Palace, the Matthias Church, medieval houses), interesting museums, charming, crooked streets following the shape of the hill, as well as some good cafés and restaurants. Besides the monuments, you get a breathtaking panorama of the Danube with the Chain Bridge and the Pest side of the city on the opposite side of the river. Everything at one place! It’s ideal to spend a romantic morning here in spring or on a sunny autumn day, before the tourists overrun the hill.

2. Take a Danube cruise for beautiful panoramic views of Buda and Pest.

An opportunity to witness as the legends of Budapest come alive during a boat cruise of an hour.  Take in the scope and scale of the Hungarian capital from the Danube River, a World Heritage Sight. Cruise between Buda and Pest and listen to recorded commentary  in 30 languages plus a film about the most famous monuments of the city on the history of the landmarks that line the river banks. Cozy seats and a complimentary drink is waiting for you on board our heated boats. Sit back and let the city come to you!

3. Enjoy a performance at the world famous Budapest Opera House.

The Opera House is not only one of the most significant listed buildings of Budapest but number one institute of opera playing with a 300-year-old history as well as the symbol of Hungarian classical music culture. The Hungarian State Opera holds its absolute leading position in Hungarian theatrical life: besides the Paris Opera it is one of the greatest centres of integrated arts in the world. The Opera House seats 1,260 people, 1,300 with extra seats, attendance is an average 90%. The grand auditorium of the Erkel Theatre with extra seats can hold 1,900 people.

4. Take a dip and relax in one of Budapest’s famous baths.

The construction of the stylish baths began in the year 1565. Kiraly thermal baths is a beautiful Turkish bath in the middle of the city centre of Budapest. It’s water is provided from Lukacs thermal baths. You can enjoy the steam chamber, the hot air chamber and the beautiful wellness jacuzzi’s. Stemming from the name of the family, it translates from Hungarian (Király = King). In World War II, the Bath was damaged.  They rebuilt the baths to its current form, combining the old with the new, and preserving its monumental character.

5. Visit Hungary’s Parliament Building, see the amazing architecture and the Hungarian Crown Jewels.

The building was designed by the renowned Hungarian architect, Imre Steindl, whose inspiration was the Palace of Westminster. It stretches along the Pest side of the Danube River from the Chain Bridge to the Margaret Bridge, and is 268 meters in length. On this 45-minute guided tour you’ll visit the interior of the magnificent House of Parliament in Budapest. Built in the Gothic Revival style, it is the third-largest Parliament building in the world. Your guide will show you the splendid session room, the richly decorated central staircase, and the great vaulted hall. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the cupola room as well, which houses the Hungarian Crown Jewels and the Hungarian Holy Crown.

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