The main attractions in Hamburg, The world’s largest integrated complex – Speicherstadt

The Speicherstadt is one of the main attractions in Hamburg. The world’s largest integrated complex of warehouses was built in 1883, five years before Hamburg received its free port. Since 2015, the unique district has been added tot the UNESCO World Heritage List, making it one of the world’s masterpieces of human creation with outstanding universal value.

The warehouses are built on oak piles and the district is crossed by what are known as fleets – canals that are flooded depending on the tides and can then also be traveled by ship. You can travel the narrow canals in small barges to savor the architectural details if the tide is right. A canal tour with a historic barge like this is an unforgettable experience. Most tours depart from the landing stages in St. Pauli. Groups can even charter a whole barge.

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