Month: February 2018

What makes Digitourist different than other travel guides?

What is Digitourist?

Simplicity is our strength. Digitourist is an easy to use digital travel guide for Europe. On Digitourist you can only find information about tourist attractions in Europe. No flight bookings, hotel bookings, nightlife or restaurants can be found on Digitourist, we focus on the basic tourist attractions and nothing more. No different pages for every activity or location, no large amount of texts, no commercials or getting lost in large amount of information. Just one simple concept that is easy to use for everyone, no matter what language you speak.

Why only focus on tourist activities?

We believe that most tourists don’t want to spend to much time searching for tourist attractions. Furthermore, you want to know what you can do in the area instead of driving large distances to see something. That is why we present the information as pins on a map of the surroundings with photos to get a first impression. If you want to know more about a tourist attraction, click on the link to its website. By only presenting tourist activities Digitourist is easy to use and we can keep the information up to date.

How it works

Fill in any location (in Europe) into the search bar and press enter. You can open the pins or scroll through the right slide bar to explore all the activities on the map. Now you can select the activities that you are interested in. It’s that easy.

Can i do more with Digitourist?

Add to favorites

When you see an activity that you would like to visit you can add them to “My favorites”.  You can create your own file(s) to organize your trips ahead.

Create your own route

The route button next to the search bar  allows you to fill in a location from A to B, ideal to use for road trips! This way you can directly see what kind of tourist activities will be close to the route that you are taking. It’s also possible to change the route just by sliding the route on the map, this way you can avoid for example highways or simple take a different route before arriving at your destination.

Have access to famous routes already made for you

Go the the route button   on our website and find all the famous routes (with GPX and PDF files attached) you can do in Europe.

The Digitourist App

All futures explained to you above (except for the route options) are also available for the Digitourist App, you can download the app for Android or Apple for free.

Digitourist contains information about more than 32,000 tourist attractions in Europe. Want to see more? visit or download the free app.

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