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Visiting Amsterdam? Don’t Miss Out On The Scary Amsterdam Dungeon!

The city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands attempts to show history through an interactive adventure. Live actors, a ride, shows and special effects simulate historical dark and bleak times.

The Amsterdam Dungeon delivers on the basis of a great cast of actors, special effects, stage, decor, scripts, a unique, exciting walk through the show that you can see, hear, touch, smell and feel. It’s also very funny and sometimes a little scary.


  • Torture Chamber: The Torture Chamber is the most graphically implied exhibit in the entire Dungeon. The (female) torturers line up the ‘prisoners’ against a wall and picks out a young male visitor for the demonstration. The visitor is strapped in to a chair surrounded by torture devices, such as the dreaded appendage cutter, the torturer places the appendage cutter near the male’s groin and ‘demonstrates’ the device ‘inch by inch’.
Amsterdam dungeon
Amsterdam dungeon
  • VOC: An 18th century dockside bar teaches about press ganging of locals to join the nautical trading firm the Dutch East India Company (VOC). They are then ambushed and forced on board a replica ship where they are forced to work for the captain Piet Heyn and fight the Spanish.
Amsterdam dungeon
Amsterdam dungeon
  • Ship’s Doctor: Looks at ship’s doctor’s surgery where the surgeon gives witness of the brutalities of 18th century field surgery at sea.
Amsterdam Dungeon
Amsterdam Dungeon
  • Council of Blood: A short film about the terror brought the Netherlands by the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th century. An Inquisition court is then held similar to the Judgement of Sinners show in the UK, but the ‘Inquisitor’ is more menacing with his humour.
Amsterdam Dungeon
Amsterdam Dungeon
  • Ghosts: Using atmospheric special effects to animate the ghost story of a woman convicted as a witch in the 16th century and brutally tortured before being burned at Dam Square.
Amsterdam Dungeon
Amsterdam Dungeon
  • Labyrinth of Lost Amsterdam: A disorientating and eerie mirror maze themed around the winding, disorientating streets of Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Dungeon
Amsterdam Dungeon
  • The Great Plague: A recreation of the streets of plague ravaged Amsterdam street, where the devastating effect the killer disease had in the city in 1664 is vividly animated.


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Is Taking A Personal Glacier Guide On Your Bucket List?

My husband is an outdoor/adventure seeking guy; I’m an out of shape, like to see the great outdoors — but still have running water, hot showers, and room service kinda gal. So, on this vacation, I really wanted my husband to experience a personal glacier adventure , and for me not to get hurt in providing him with such an experience.
Folgefonni Breforarlag  has a full day out on a glacier that’s a short hike for learning to ice climb–i.e. techniques and safetly. Let me just say however, the day wasn’t limited to just learning to ice climb. Our day out on the ice was filled with great tid bits of info from our guide Paul, who by the way was the 2003 winner of the Mountain Wilderness Challenge (it’s pretty extreme). We learned about vegetation, wildlife, and most of all, all the facinating formations the glacier creates.


When we finally strapped on our crampons, learned some techniques and safetly info, we were on our way. We started out on what Paul considered a gentle wall. My husband of course went first, and had a determined but excited look on his face. He made it up pretty quick, with the guidence of Paul–encouraging and giving helpful hints. I looked on pretty much knowing there was no way I could do this, but still having a great time just being on this glacier. Next it was my turn. I was all harnessed, had gloves and a helmet on, and armed with two ice axes, I was on my way. I was amazed that these axes, along with the points of my crampons were enabling me to scale the wall in front of me. It was amazing. I may have not been the most graceful at scaling the wall, but by gone, I did it.
And let me just say, coming down was just as fun and challenging. My husband was hooked, and now so was I. After a few more practices on our “baby” wall, Paul guided us across the glacier to another spot.

with Kennicott Wilderness Guides

Keep in mind, our new location wasn’t a few feet away, it was a good 1/2 hour hike over the ice(probably shorter for those who are in better shape). The hike to our new adventure provided us with our first encounter of what glaciers are capable of. We saw crevasses, moulins, and the most beautiful blue pools I’d ever seen. When we arrived at our destination, it wasn’t a wall before us, rather more like a canyon carved by the running water on the glacier. My husband and I looked at each other, and decided no way! Paul was totally fine with our decision, because after all, climbing down into the stomach of a glacier isn’t something you do everyday. So instead we had lunch in probably the most beautiful place ever.

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